What’s the purpose of teaching, if I may ask you?

Every time I see teachers yelling, working so hard to make sure the students pass the exam with flying colours I smile to myself.

This shouldn’t be happening.
We should teach the students to think, to feel the knowledge.
Not to memorise it.
Or doing it to be tested.

You should learn because you want to learn.

The students might not feel anything.
But as a teacher it feels so wrong.

I’m glad I’m at vocational.
We teach them something practical, something which they’ll use in life.
Something meaningful.

We’re free from the exam oriented system which has been be clouding our education system.



It’s indeed uplifting when your students choose to become teachers


They’re inspired by you.

Well, none of them ever tell me so.
I’d be on the cloud nine of they ever did.
But I’ve heard, and well aware some of these kids are inspired by their teachers here.


I don’t know whether I’m the only one who has this civic mindedness,
Or it has become a culture to waste papers.
Sometimes papers are duplicated at mass without considering how many people actually require it.
Sometimes it’s the arrangement of the documents which if aligned correctly won’t require so much papers.
At most of the times, you can simply upload it on Facebook or send it to emails.
And the same people are those who complain the earth is getting hotter each day.
Ridiculous. And ironical.
They’ve no idea where papers are made from?
Let me tell you.
From trees!

Now be mindful when you use papers.
Or consider these tips :
1) WORD : Set the measurement to narrow so you can squeeze more texts, items in one paper.
2) WORD : Print / photocopy on both sides.
3) POWER POINT : Print 6 slides in one page.
4) use CENTURY GOTHIC font as it uses less ink.


In your dream to give the best education to the students,
Bear in mind your subject is not the only one they need to cram in their little brain.

Be mindful when giving assignments.
Pick shortcut to get the results.
Read ways to implement the best and fun teaching.

Don’t go beating the bush.
Don’t get bewildered between quantity vs. quality.

Blind copying

Asking the students to simply copy some essays are not learning.
Especially if you ask them to copy few times.
It’s mental torturing,
It’s a waste of time.
Find some activities which encourage creativity although it takes less effort, the impacts are awesome.

God, why should I be lecturing you on this?
Perhaps you need to re-attend universities.
And relearn pedagogy.


They aren’t school kids anymore.
You treat them like one, and then expect them to behave like adults.
Give them responsibilities.
They’re able to think at the age of 16.


I don’t see the reason why people refuse to utilise the technology.
Life is so much easier with it.
You can save lots of papers,
You can trade the documents faster.

Well if you know how to log in to Facebook, you should be able to handle other ict related too.
If there’s a will, there’s a way.