Choral Speaking Script (English)


KEY:  S: Solo | G: Group | F: Female | M: Male


G:            Look up to the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, no. We’re the choral speakers from SMV Vokasional Keningau.


G:            In education,

More opportunities offered.

For both the specially gifted and the handicapped


In some years to come.

G1:          We really,

G2:          truly,

G3:          surely,

G:            certainly…

G:            Will come to a stage

Where we do not need to go overseas

To have our higher education

S:             Oh really? (puzzling tone – looking to the right and left)

S:             No more Cambridge? (puzzling – looking to right and left)

S:             No more Oxford? (puzzling – looking to the right and left)

G:            Yes, other nationalities will come to Malaysia

S:             To graduate! (yell excitedly, raising one hand, G – applaud)


G:            One may claim that life now is stressful and hectic.

Compared to the slow and relaxed past (shoulder

move to the right and left, smiling).

G:            We do not deny the ill effects of pollution



G2+G3:   And the consumption of KFC, (G1 – fatty) Pizza Hut

(G1 – salty), MacDonalds (G1 – sugary)

G:                  However, in this present day lifestyle

We have a lot more to the technological advancement

M:           To combat the effects,

F:             To keep the impurities away,

G:            We have, to name a few,

S:             air purifiers (G – “ahh.. fresh!” )

S:             water purifies (G – “ahh.. refreshing!”)


G:            Malaysia, stands tall as a garden nation.

Ready to be propelled into Vision 2020!

By citizens of great calibre (folding arms) and moral fibre (a hand to the heart).

We will stand united as today’s youth (holding each other’s hands).

And tomorrow’s leaders (raise hands up).


G1:          To bring hope (palms close together).

G2:          peace (peace sign).

G3:          and prosperity (making love shape by using fingers).


G:            To send messages and news

G1:          Our parents

G2:          and grandparents

G3:          and great grandparents

G:            And great-great grandparents

Used the cumbersome snail-mail

S:             (Sighing) I need to get a stamp

S:             (Sighing) I need to go to the post office

G:            So.. much.. trouble (shaking the head)


S:             Now, we have e-mail! (yell excitedly)

S:             No, it’s Facebook!(looking at the person)

G:                   Like! (Thumbs up)

G:            To send our greetings to the world

In just a few seconds (click).

G:            We can even have a group chat to talk to our family.

S:             My friend, I really miss talking to my

children overseas.

S:             For goodness sake, we have ‘skype’!

G:            ringing tone

F:             Hi daddy!

M:           What’s up dad?!

S:             Oh my GOD! I am talking to them!

G:            Well, modern communication! (shrug)


G:            Games played in the past were often fun and


S:             You remember playing batu seremban, ketinting,

and congkak?


G:            Ahh.. you must be some modern kids!


G:            Today, the in games are more intellectual and


It is a case of E.Q. (smile) versus I.Q. (pointing head)

Though more home based and individually.

G:            However, to maintain goodwill and neighbourliness

We still have our long-lasting social games of

netball, volleyball, football..

S:             ‘Manchester United’, yeah!

S:             ‘Barcelona’, yeah!

S:             ‘Harimau Malaysia’, rawr! (G –“rawr”, clawing)

S:             But those are for the adults!

G:            Yes, but for us

The energetic kids of Malaysia

S:             We go for blading, skate-boarding, street


S:             Bungee jumping… ooo nooo.. (S – echoing)

G:            See for yourselves,

G:            What a great healthy kids we are! (biceps curl)

G:            And a great healthy body means a healthy mind.


G:            United we stand, divided we fall.. (G – slanting to right and left –separated into two )

F:             Ask not what your country can do for you,

M:           But what you can do for your country.

G:            Come citizens march with us.


To the dynamic beat of ‘Negaraku’

1 vision (tilting the head)

1 nation (tilting the head)

1Malaysia (tilting the head, point a finger)

We’re Malaysians!


16 thoughts on “Choral Speaking Script (English)

  1. hai…. on tuesday i must teach for my friends abot this


  3. ele eleshaa says:

    wow its amazing
    cant wait to tell my friend

  4. Chew says:

    thanks for uploading this, u help me a lot to find this. I want to teach my student! thanks guy!

  5. chong says:

    how 2 find the dynamic beat of negaraku?

  6. Kohilah says:

    Hi can i share this script for my students? it’s awesome!

  7. azrul says:

    too long

  8. Eleen says:

    What the topic. ?

  9. wani says:

    can i use this script for my school? -wani jb

  10. afiq nazmi says:

    english is good

  11. Naini says:

    hi ,may I use this script for choral speaking competition?

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