English Studies: Novels

  1. The Mango Season by Amulya Malladi (Download: Full Summary | Answer Scheme)
  2. Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Final Exam Questions?



1. Malladi creates a tale of the irrefutable power of love and provides insights into the battle between a culture that has existed for hundred of years and the influence of the western world. How is this portrayed in the ‘Mango Season’?

2. ‘The Mango Season’ is one woman’s attempt to reconcile a traditional past in a modern future, while striking a balance between the two. Do you agree?

3. ‘The Mango Season’ is woman’s struggle with love and family tradition with detail and emotion. Discuss.

4. Malladi has constructed a family story in which the heroine must make the difficult choice between the traditional and the modern with humour and grace.

Do you agree?

5. “Happiness” is such a relative term. It sometimes loses definition. How does Priya’s definition of happiness evolve as the story unfolds? How would her parents define happiness efficiently for her?

6. How does the theme of sacrifice thread throughout the story? What sacrifice is Priya prepared to make for love? How does her mother hold up her sacrifice to Priya, to force her daughter to accede to her wishes? Ultimately, is this effective?


1. Discuss the significance of being civilised and living under rules in this novel with close reference to the text.

2. “Education and social order impose severe restrictions on life, but we cannot be human without them.” What happens to ‘education and the social order’ on the island?

3. ‘The boys world’ is only a miniature version of ‘the adult world’. What evidence is there for his view?

4. How important are ceremonies and rituals to the boys, both before and after they become savage?

5. Give an account of the elaboration of the island by Ralph, Jack and Simon based on their shared reactions and their different reactions.

6. Trace the stages of the conflict between Ralph and Jack, concentrating on the major crisis between them.


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