Choral Speaking Script 2.0




 G: For the hundredth in attendance,

And thousands waiting in school,
Let’s get ready to rumble.
In thunder, and lightning!
Here we come!
We are here to have some fun!
So sit back, relax and listen please.

G1:              (Siren) Warning!!            |    GG2:  Warning!!

GB:              Biohazard detected

G:                Prevention protocol initialized in… 5 seconds

L1,2,3,2,1: Five, four, three, two, one

G:                Planet pals activated

S:                 Hiiiii I’m Lana Leaf

S:                 Hello… I’m Carrie Coral!

S:                 Sasha Sky is here

S:                 Ric Recycle!


G:             Hello everybody!!!

We,  the wise, the strong, the talented students of Keningau Vocational College

Are here to present the greatly anticipated choral speaking performance!

How are you doing? How’s life? How’s everything?

S:                 Fantabulous!                    |               S: Incredible!

G:                That’s cool!

S:                 Great!                                |               S: Splendid!

G:                How lucky!

S:                 Good                                  |               S: Okay..

S:                 So so~                               |               S: Not so well

G:                Hmmm…  Is everything okay?

S:                 [ Cough ] I don’t think so

G:                Hmmm…

S:                 [ Sneeze ] Excuse me

G1, G2, G: Ewwwh

S:                 How come?                      |               G:            O.M.G

S:                 How shocking?                |               G:            O.M.G

S:                 How disastrous?             |               G:            O.M.G

S:                 [ Scream ]

GG:              The effects of ..

GB:              Environmental problems.

G:                And that’s why we present to  you [ Drum roll ]

Us , the Planet Pals!

The guardians of the planets.

L3:              Help you save nature,

L2:                          build a future,

L1:                          search for cure,

S:                 And help the world to be pure.

So, let’s break the ice!

GG:              Now listen  |   GB: listen  |  G: listen to our advice.


LAND                                                                     SFX: Jungle

S:                 Hiiiii I’m Lana Leaf

G:                The defender of the trees and rainforests!

S:                 I’m doing my best but it’s YOU who do the rest.

S:                 Trees are cut at alarming rate.

G:                Putting lives at risk of a gloomy fate.

Intellectual Property of Mr. Sirhajwan Idek, and Keningau Vocational College Choral Speaking Team ©2013

DO NOT COPY AND DISTRIBUTE WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT; email to or sms +60168065621 for approval.

L1,2,3,G:    Landslide, flash flood, habitat loss, will prevail!

GG:              And

GB:              Prevention efforts  will be to no avail!

S:                 You mean we will be flooded?!     |        G:  Hah??!!!

G1:              That’s a pity!           |        GG2:       What a calamity!

GB:              That’s us the future society.

G:                We tell you again and again, go paperless!

WATER                                                                SFX: Waves

S:                 Hello… I’m Carrie Coral!

G:                The protector of the coral reefs and marine life!

GB:              Nobody knows

GG:              How long they will last

GB:              So..              |       GG:  Beware how you fish

GB:              Cause..       |       GG:  That might be your last dish

S:                 So, no more seahorse and seashell! | GB:  Yup!

S:                 Not a single shell?                   |      G1:          No!

S:                 Not a tiny one?                         |      G2:          None!

S:                 Not even a tiny bitsy one?     |       G:           Na ah!

S:                 That’s despicable!  | S: Extremely reprehensible!

G:                That’s us who are no longer sensible

G:                So, don’t throw rubbish into the water

S:                 [ Dush.. ] Sorry..

SKY                                                                        SFX: Chirps

S:                 Look.. look up at the sky!

S:                 It’s a bird           |               S:             Oh, it’s a plane

G:                No    |  G1: It’s polluted!  |  G2: It’s contaminated!

S:                 Well, that’s why Sasha Sky is here

G:                The guardian of the atmosphere

S:                 But the world is getting warmer, right?

S:                 You mean it’s going to be really hot?

GB:              Scorching, sizzling, flaming hot!  |  S: Tss..

SG:              So what?! We can always use air-cond right?

S:                 Noooooo!!!    |  GG: That will make it even worse!

S:                 Oh oh, we are in big trouble!

S:                 It’s gonna double!

G:                And that’s the price we pay for being horrible!

G:                So, stop using CFC-based Aerosol sprays!


S:                 And then comes (tada) Ric Recycle

G:                The supporter of recycling practice!

G1:              Blue for paper  |  GG2:    Orange for plastics

GB:              And the brown bin? What is it for?

S:                 It’s for drink cans!          |  G:         (teet) Wrong!!!

S:                 For ..paper?! (doubtful) |  G:         Unbelievable!

S:                 For glass!!!!                      |  G:         Splendid!

S:                 Alas! We are just stubborn, aren’t we?

G:                Ignorant! Shallow! Lazy!

G:                So, bring your own reusable shopping bags!

GG:              This is what we come here for

GB:              To give you reminders and tips

L1,2,3:        Be protectors / be defenders / be supporters,

G:                Be Planet Pals

GG1,GG2:   Save the planet,  save ourselves,

G:                And together…

S:                 We kill the world!      |   G:            Huh?!

S:                 We heal the world!    |    G: We heal the world!

G:                And it starts with

S,                 Me                                   |  G:            You, Us

G:                Thank  You.

L1,2,3:        Biohazard successfully terminated

G:                Mission accomplished

Intellectual Property of Mr. Sirhajwan Idek, and Keningau Vocational College Choral Speaking Team ©2013

DO NOT COPY AND DISTRIBUTE WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT; email to or sms +60168065621 for approval.


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